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We are a team of enthusiasts and real enthusiasts! Thanks to our joint, team effort, we managed to create a perfect comparison service of components (video cards and processors), which is pleasant and easy to use.

It is worth it to compare a processor or graphics card once and understand how convenient it is to use our site!

With our project you can easily:

  1. Compare graphics cards and find out which model is more productive in performance and benchmarks.
  2. Compare processors and determine the best option to upgrade your computer, laptop or smartphone (yes, our database has not only computer processors, but also mobile processors).
  3. Quickly build a computer assembly based on the configurator and share it on social networks or discuss it with friends on the website.

The key advantages of the project can be considered as convenient and fast design, as well as the most complete and up-to-date database of processors and video cards!

Add our site to your bookmarks and join our community in social networks. We are glad to see you among our regular users!

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Address: USA