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HS256E 256GB
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HS256E 256GB обзор SSD диска

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Дата выпуска
HS256E 256GB

HS256E 256GB

Это обзор диска HS256E 256GB, который был произведен 2020-06-05. Фактический размер памяти составляет 238.5 GB. Тип диска - SSD. Последняя стоимость в маркетплейсе составляет NA. Результат производительности в Passmark - 3271. Скорость чтения составляет 488 MBytes/Sec, а скорость записи 293 MBytes/Sec.
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General info

A detailed overview of the HS256E 256GB disk specifications. Here you should pay attention to the actual memory size (it is different from the standard and usually smaller). Also look at production date and overall performance in benchmarks.

  • Drive Size
    238.5 GB
  • Other names
    HS256E 256GB
  • Drive First Benchmarked
  • Drive Rating/$Price
  • Overall Rank
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Disk Test Suite Average Results

All HS256E 256GB specifications can be viewed in this block. The data is fully consistent with the official, which is declared by the manufacturer. Here special attention should be paid to estimate the speed of reading and writing data, the higher these figures, the faster will be the performance in games and work applications.

  • Sequential Read
    488 MBytes/Sec
  • Sequential Write
    293 MBytes/Sec
  • Random Seek Read Write (IOPS 32KQD20)
    119 MBytes/Sec
  • IOPS 4KQD1
    20 MBytes/Sec
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HS256E 256GB
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