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GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII

GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII vs LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M

Overall score
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Overall score
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Comparing GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII vs. LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M in terms of memory type used, PassMark performance score, and write and read speed. What to look for when comparing LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M vs GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII

  1. release date, the earlier the disk is produced, the more modern its hardware is, so GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII was produced 2009-12-13 and LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M went on sale 2009-12-13
  2. The price is a volatile indicator, and always varies depending on the region of purchase.
  3. disk memory size makes sense to compare across models with the same size set, so there will be a slight difference in actual free gigabytes.
  4. memory type GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII - SSD, while GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII has SSD.
  5. The performance score (based on read and write speed) for GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII and GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII drives is and 484 MBytes/Sec, respectively.
  6. read speed is an important element to check the disk in comparison, the higher the read speed, the better.
  7. write speed is also an important parameter to consider when choosing a new disk.
In this comparison, we will take a closer look at two popular drives, GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII and LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M. These drives can come in various formats, such as HDD, SSD, or NVMe. Find out which one is the best choice for your needs. GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII: Name: GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII Release Date: 2009-12-13 Memory Size: 59.5 GB Memory Type: HDD Price: NA PassMark Score: 963 Read Speed: Write Speed: LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M: Name: LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M Release Date: 2012-12-03 Memory Size: 238.5 GB Memory Type: SSD Price: NA PassMark Score: 3900 Read Speed: 484 MBytes/Sec Write Speed: 332 MBytes/Sec In this side-by-side comparison of GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII and LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M, we will examine their key features, including memory size, memory type, read and write speeds, as well as their prices and PassMark scores. This will provide you with a clear understanding of their differences, enabling you to make an informed decision on whichdrive is the better option for your specific needs. Both GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII and LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M offer impressive performance and reliability, but they differ in some aspects. For instance, while GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII has a memory size of 59.5 GB and a PassMark score of 963, LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M comes with a memory size of 238.5 GB and a PassMark score of 3900. This means that one drive may have an edge over the other in terms of capacity or overall performance. In terms of read and write speeds, GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII boasts a read speed of and a write speed of , whereas LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M has a read speed of 484 MBytes/Sec and a write speed of 332 MBytes/Sec. Depending on your requirements, such as data transfer or processing speed, one of these drives may be more suitable for you. Lastly, when it comes to price, GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII is available at NA, while LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M can be purchased for NA. Depending on your budget, you might find one drive more appealing than the other. In conclusion, this in-depth comparison between GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII and LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M highlights their key differences and helps you determine which drive is the best fit for your needs. By considering factors such as memory size, memory type, read/write speeds, PassMark scores, and prices, you can make an educated decision and invest in the right storage solution for you.

Reasons to consider
GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII
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Reasons to consider
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  • Disk size
    238.5 GB left arrow 59.5 GB
    Around 75 % better size
Performance tests
Real tests GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII vs LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M
Complete list of technical specifications
GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII
General info

Compare drives GSkill FM-25S2I-64GBFII vs. LITEONIT 256GB LMT-256M3M to the technical specifications set by the factory. The larger the actual memory size - the better, the higher the benchmark performance score - the faster the read and write data.

  • Drive Size
    59.5 GB left arrow 238.5 GB
  • Other names
    FM-25S2I-64GBFII, FM-25S2I-64GBFII ATA Device left arrow LITEONIT LMT-256M3M, LITEONIT LMT-256M3M-41 mSATA 256GB FDE ATA Device, LITEONIT LMT-256M3M ATA Device
  • Drive First Benchmarked
    2009-12-13 left arrow 2012-12-03
  • Drive Rating/$Price
    NA left arrow NA
  • Overall Rank
    8773 left arrow 4100
  • Last Price Change
    NA left arrow NA
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